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Friday, 10 May 2019

Sleep by Joseph Ellis

Thief of the mind — he, at the term of toil,
Serpent-like creeps upon the jaded sense
Till, when no longer we can make defence,
He doth us bind ; anon we crack the coil.
Fresh as an amaranth the trickster foil
And, with renascent courage, chase him thence!
Ah, then eftsoons his wiles will recommence.
So of nigh half our days he doth us spoil:
O life no life — O death not death indeed.
Is there not joy unsought and love unfound.
Know we all sights and sounds in Nature’s store,
Do not our thoughts new thoughts for ever breed?
Rise, as the dormouse or the drowsy hound,
Sleep we, and sleep, and sleep — to wake no more?

From: Ellis, Joseph, Caesar in Egypt, Costanza, and Other Poems, Third Edition, 1885, Reeves & Turner: London, p. 153.

Date: 1876

By: Joseph Ellis (1815-1891)