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Thursday, 9 May 2019

Divergence by John Charles Earle

When hearts that long have travelled on one line
Diverge, and will no further run abreast,
Who can the end of such a course divine?
And where shall weary feet like theirs find rest?
For Eden forfeited how vain the quest!
For fruits ambrosial how the wanderers pine!
Their sun has set behind the mountain’s crest,
And life has entered on its dim decline.
Ah! not for them the sympathy that made
E’en pain consoling because duly shared;
Ah! not for them the mutual light that played
From loving eyes o’er all they hoped and dared;
Ah! not for them the feverish thirst allayed,
The lives lived doubly and the cares discared.

From: Earle, John Charles, Light Leading Unto Light; A Series of Sonnets and Poems, 1875, Burns & Oates: London, p. 19.

Date: 1875

By: John Charles Earle (1849-1903)