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Sunday, 5 May 2019

Starting Again by Irwin Peter Russell

When you have laid your ghosts
Placated all the shades
Spilt wine upon the posts
Set honey in the glads

When you’ve confessed your sins
And been absolved from them
And a new life begins
Cleansed as it were from shame

Then will the shadows rear
Then fears like rats will gnaw
Then friends that were will jeer
More, evere, than before

Then utterly alone
Shut in your empty house
You’ll weep and gasp and groan
And long for even a mouse

To gaze with little eyes
Upon your suffering—
Diminutive and wise
He’ll come, though he knows nothing—
and you’ll sing, you’ll sing…


Date: 1963

By: Irwin Peter Russell (1921-2003)