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Sunday, 7 April 2019

MSY I:16 [Spring Flowers versus Autumn Leaves] by Nukata no Ōkimi

Buried by winter,
When spring comes to pass,
The silent
Birds burst into song;
The bloomless
Flowers burst out, but
The mountains are so lush,
One cannot make one’s way;
The grasses are so thick,
An outstretched hand is lost;
On an autumn mountain,
One sees trees’ leaves:
The yellow leaves,
To take for a keepsake;
Green ones
To leave behind in sorrow,
Though I hate to do it:
For my part, the mountains of autumn.


Date: 7th century (original in Japanese); 1981 (translation in English)

By: Nukata no Ōkimi (c630-690)

Translated by: Ian Hideo Levy (1950- )