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Saturday, 6 April 2019

Sailing into the South Lake by Chan Fang-sheng

P’eng-li* commands three rivers.
Mount Lu masters other hills.
White sand cleans the waterway.
Green pines cover hanging crags.
This water: since when, its flow?
This mountain: since when, its being?
Man’s fate changes from this to that!
These forms alone stay forever.
Within the distant reach of the cosmos,
Past, present, in order, first, last.

*Name of the lake now known as Po-yang Lake.

From: Yip, Wai-lim (ed. and transl.), Chinese Poetry: An Anthology of Major Modes and Genres, 2003, Duke University Press: Durham and London, p. 141.

Date: c400 (original); 1997 (translation)

By: Chan Fang-sheng (fl.400)

Translated by: Wai-lim Yip (1937- )