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Sunday, 31 March 2019

The Poet’s Petition by Julian Henry Charles Fane

Kind Public! read me twice or thrice,
And gently treat a timid Muse:
Stern Critics! read me once or twice,
Nor let me miss my wretched dues!
Fair Phoebe, read me fifty times!
Peruse and reperuse my rhymes:
Thy blame or praise I will repay
With interest,—such as kisses may!
But Lizzy! lest thy frown should fall
Upon me, read me not at all!
All else beside may hiss and jeer,
But blame from thee I dare not hear!

From: Fane, Julian, Poems, 1852, William Pickering: London, p. 107.

Date: 1852

By: Julian Henry Charles Fane (1827-1870)