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Thursday, 14 March 2019

On the Same [her daughter] by Catherine Rebecca Grey

Little idol of my heart,
Thou to me canst joys impart
Greater than the glittering prize
To Ambition’s eager eyes:
Greater than the summer rose
To the airy bee bestows:
Greater than the youth’s despair
To the haughty fair one’s ear:
Greater than that fair one’s smile,
Skill’d her lovers to beguile,
To the enamour’d youth can give,
Should she bid him love and live.
Soon the beauty shall decay,
Soon the rose shall fade away,
Soon the lover’s flame is o’er,
Power obtain’d soon charms no more:
But nor Time, nor Fortune’s change,
Can my love from thee estrange—
That, on firmer motives plac’d,
Shall with my existence last.

From: Lady Manners, Poems, 1794, John Booth, G.G. and J. Robinson and B. and J. White: London, pp. 144-145.

Date: 1794

By: Catherine Rebecca Grey (1766-1852)