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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

January 2nd by “Den”

How many have you broken up till now?
I know that yesterday you made a vow.
And most solemnly ’twas spoken;
But how many have you broken?
Oh, you kept ’em for an hour or two — But how?

You swore at twelve o’clock or thereabouts,
Most resolutely, scorning any doubts,
That the glad New Year would find you
With your vices all behind you.
And you’d be the very best of good boy scouts.

But you fell. And, oh, how quickly did you fall!
And now you’re feeling low, and mean, and small;
For, despite all your devising,
You have come to realising
That you’re really only human after all.

Ah, well, at least you had the will to try;
And you may reform some day before you die,
And there’s this small consolation
On the road to reformation;
There’s another New Year coming by and by.

From: “Den”, “2nd January”, The Herald, Friday 2 January 1931, p. 4.

Date: 1931

By: “Den” (fl. 1931)