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Friday, 19 October 2018

Cephalopodic by J. P. Dancing Bear

Within the body of water,
other bodies of water.
It cossets her, one tentacle

and then more.
Behind each suction cup,
a blue mark: half moon, star,

and a night sky
it only knows from rumor.

though it is governed by fluidity.
It sees farther out than she,
into tide and current, guarding.

It thinks to return her to the surface,
but with each slip across her skin,
she says, “Stay.”

It cannot sleep anymore—
too many visions
of fishhooks and cleavers.

Her back curves in to it.
They are buoyant,
and it is wild eyed:

when has it been loved like this?
It would live in her world—
bathtubbed. But she says,

“Stay here in the sea.”
It wants to be her diving bell,
surround her in pocketed air,

but she will kick to the surface.
They drift in and out
of their domains,

air and water exchanges.
She moves her home to the edge.
It stays close as the surf will allow.


Date: 2012

By: J. P. Dancing Bear (19??- )