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Sunday, 30 September 2018

Privacy 2 by Shane McCrae

I tell the keeper I don’t know
What he or any white man means
When he says privacy

In the phrase In the privacy
Of one’s own home
     / I understand
he thinks he means a kind of
Militarized aloneness

If he would listen I would ask him whether
The power / To enforce alone-
ness and aloneness
can exist together

Instead I tell him where I’m from we
Have no such con-
cept if he thinks I am     / Too wise
he won’t speak honestly

And so I talk the way the men
He says are men like me
Talk in the books he reads to me
I understand

Those books are not supposed to make me wise
And yet I think perhaps
They show me what he means
By privacy     // Perhaps

by privacy he means / This
certainty he has that
The weapons he has made
Will not be used against him.


Date: 2016

By: Shane McCrae (1975- )