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Saturday, 1 September 2018

Jugglers by Francisco Aragón

She and I on a bench eating prawns:
the first day of her fiftieth year and she points
at two street performers about to juggle
fire and a distant summer morning
surfaces, afloat on the light wind blowing
off the bay — older sisters are hiding in the dark,
big brother is parading around the house
his hands outstretched and clutching large candles
I’m on a search! he shouts
marching from room to room
till he finds them huddling in a jungle
of clothes, his beacons flickering as flame-
hot wax begins to flow across his fingers…
while she is walking to Centro Adulto, her head brimming
with phrases: the words she needs to learn so she can quit
sewing, land a job in a bank…and the sitter
is arriving minutes late, finding us wet
and trying to save a coat, a shirt, a dress — it’s
a small one: nothing the green hose
and frantic assembly line of buckets
doesn’t eventually douse, leaving walls and curtains
the color of coal — ¡Mira! she gasps
her left hand rapping my shoulder, still pointing with the right
as the torches,
from one juggler to the other,
begin to fly.

in memory of my mother (1932-1997)


Date: 2000

By: Francisco Aragón (19??- )