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Friday, 17 August 2018

Sonetto 30 by John Salusbury

Sweete beautie in thy face doth still appeere,
Myne onely joye and best beloved deere:
Myne onlye deere and best belov’d content,
Revive my heart and dyinge spirrits spent:
The onlye agent of my thoughtes delight,
Embrace my love and doe not me despight,
Secure my feares and solace cares content,
With hopes repast to favour mine entent:
The fier will out if fuell doe but want,
And love in time will die if it be scant:
Let then desire yeilde fuell to your minde,
That love be not blowen out with everie winde:
So shall my heart like Etnas lasting flame,
Burne with your love and joye still in the same.

From: Salusbury, John, Chester, Robert and Brown, Carleton (ed.), Poems by Sir John Salusbury and Robert Chester, 1914, Early English Text Society/Kraus Reprint Co.: New York, p. 74.

Date: 1597

By: John Salusbury (1567-1612)