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Friday, 3 August 2018

Feelings of Melancholy by Feng Yanji/Yansi

Who says that pop-up feelings
can be discarded for long?
When spring comes, my
melancholy remains strong.
I often drown myself with wine
In front of the flowers every day.
I care little that the image in the
mirror shows a thinner face.

So green is the grass by the riverside.
Willows on the bank look so nice.
Why then year after year,
new sorrow always comes along?
Standing alone by the little bridge,
I feel as though the wind fills my sleeves.
After everybody has gone home,
I see over the wooded plain the crescent moon.


Date: c930 (original) 2012 (translation)

By: Feng Yanji/Yansi (903-960)

Translated by: Edward C. Chang (19??- )