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Thursday, 2 August 2018

To Miss ***** *****, of ***** by Bonnell Thornton

“Yes, I remember, and with pride repeat,
The rapid progress which our friendship knew!
Ev’n at the first with willing minds we met,
And ere the root was fix’d, the branches grew;”
Fortune in vain oppos’d her strong barrier;
Nor thou by int’rest sway’d, nor I o’eraw’d by fear.

With sense, with sentiment, I saw thee blest,
With taste, with genius’ brightest, kindliest ray:
Thy mind was virtue by the graces drest,
Thy form how faultless — that let others say:
T’ admire such merit that I dar’d pretend,
“Thou saw’st with partial eyes, and bade me call thee friend!”

Whence then this dire reverse? Why alter’d now?
Estrang’d why fled’st thou the most blest of men?
Why lours resentment on thy beauteous brow?
Why stopt th’ effusions of thy polish’d pen?
In vain, alas! in vain thou didst pretend,
(Deny it not, rash maid) to bid me call thee friend!


Date: 1756

By: Bonnell Thornton (1725-1768)