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Friday, 27 July 2018

What is Happiness? by Joseph Brown Ladd

‘Tis an empty, fleeting shade,
By imagination made;
‘Tis a bubble, straw, or worse;
‘Tis a baby’s hobby-horse;
‘Tis a little living, clear;
‘Tis ten thousand pounds a year;
‘Tis a title; ’tis a name;
‘Tis a puff of empty fame,
Fickle as the breezes blow;
‘Tis a lady’s YES or NO:
And when the description’s crowned,
‘Tis just no where to be found.

From: Ladd, Joseph Brown, Chittenden, W. B. and Haskins, Elizabeth (ed.), The Literary Remains of Joseph Brown Ladd, M.D. Collected by his sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Haskins, of Rhode Island. To which is prefixed A Sketch of the Author’s Life, by W. B. Chittenden, 1832, H. C. Sleight: New York, p. 127.

Date: c1780

By: Joseph Brown Ladd (1764-1786)