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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

The Judgement from “The Three Ladies of London” by Robert Wilson

Then judgement I pronounce on thee, because thou followed Lucar,
Whereby thou hast solde thy soule to feele like torment with her,
Which torments comprehended are in the worme of Conscience,
who raging still, shall nere have end, a plague for thine offence,
Care shall be thy comfort, and sorrow shall thy life sustaine,
thou shalt be dying, yet never dead, but pining still in endlesse paine.
Diligence convey her to Lucar, let that be her reward,
Because unto her cankered coyne she gave her whole regard.
But as for Conscience, carrie her to prison,
there to remaine untill the day of generall session:
Thus we make an end,
Knowing that the best of us all may amend:
Which God graunt to his good will and pleasure,
That we be not corrupted with the unsatiate desire of vanishing earthly treasure:
For Covetousnesse is the cause of wresting mans Conscience,
Therefore restraine thy lust, and thou shalt shun the offence.

From: Wilson, Robert, The Three Ladies of London, 1584, 1911, The Tudor Facsimile Texts: London and Edinburgh, p. 99.

Date: 1581

By: Robert Wilson (fl. 1572-1600)