On Death by William Winstanley

The death of all men is the total sum,
The Period unto which we all must come.
He lives but a short life that lives the longest
And he is weak in death, in life was strongest.
Our life’s like Cobwebs be we ne’re so gay,
And death the Broom which sweeps us all away.

From: Winstanley, William, The new help to discourse or, Wit, mirth, and jollity. intermixt with more serious matters consisting of pleasant astrological, astronomical, philosophical, grammatical, physical, chyrurgical, historical, moral, and poetical questions and answers. As also histories, poems, songs, epitaphs, epigrams, anagrams, acrosticks, riddles, jests, poesies, complements, &c. With several other varieties intermixt; together with The countrey-man’s guide; containing directions for the true knowledge of several matters concerning astronomy and husbandry, in a more plain and easie method than any yet extant. By W. W. gent., 2006, Text Creation Partnership: Ann Arbor, Michigan and Oxford, p. 197.

Date: 1680

By: William Winstanley (c1628-1698)

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