On Luve by Alexander Arbuthnot with rough translation into modern English by flusteredduck

He that luifis lichtliest,
Sall not happin on the best.
He that luifis langest,
Sall have rest surest.
He that luvis all his best,
Sall chance upon the gudliest.
Quha sa in luif is trew and plaine,
He sall be lufit weill agane.
Men may say quhatever thay pleis,
In mutual luve is mekil eis.

On Love by Alexander Arbuthnot

He that loves lightest,
Shall not happen on the best.
He that loves longest,
Shall have rest surest.
He that loves all his best,
Shall chance upon the goodliest.
Who so in love is true and plain,
He shall be loved well again.
Men may say whatever they please,
In mutual love is much ease.

From: Pinkerton, John, Ancient Scottish Poems, never before in print. But now published from the Ms. collections of Sir Richard Maitland, of Lethington, Knight, Lord Privy Seal of Scotland, and a Senator of the College of the Justice. Comprising pieces written from about 1420 till 1586, with large notes, and a glossary, Volume I, 1786, Charles Dilly: London & William Creech: Edinburgh, p. 148.

Date: c1550

By: Alexander Arbuthnot (1538-1583)

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