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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Meditation on the One by Ge Hong

The One resides at the North Pole,
in the midst of the abyss.
In front is the Hall of Light,
behind is the Crimson Palace.
Imposing is the Flowery Canopy,
great is the Golden Pavilion!
On its left is the gang star, on its right the kui,
waves and breakers propagate in the void.
Mysterious excrescences overlay the cliffs,
vermilion herbs enwrap the hills;
on the rocks is white jade,
the Sun and the Moon spread their light.
There you go beyond fire and pass over water,
you cross the Mystery and go past the Yellow.
Walls and gates intersect,
curtains and hangings are adorned with gems;
dragons and tigers are lined up on guard
and divine beings are at their sides.

From: Pregadio, Fabrizio, “Early Daoist Meditation and the Origins of Inner Alchemy” in Penny, Benjamin (ed.), Daoism in History: Essays in Honour of Liu Ts’un-yan, 2006, Routledge: London, p. 129.

Date: c320 (original); 2006 (translation)

By: Ge Hong (283-c353)

Translated by: Fabrizio Pregadio (1957- )