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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Sonnet by Robert Bland

Tu in bei facondi detti
Sciogli la lingua de’ Fedeli tuoi, &c.*

         Aminta: A. 2, S. 3, Coro. [Torquato Tasso]

Love, the great master of true eloquence,
Disdains the tribute of a vulgar tongue:
Cold are the words and vain the affected song
Of him whose boasted passion is pretence.
The favoured few that to his court belong
With noblest gifts the mighty God presents;
Their powerful language chains the admiring sense,
And their warm words in torrents pour along.
And oft (oh wondrous excellence of Love!)
Oft trembling vows, and sighs, and accents broken,
With far more force th’ enraptur’d hearer move,
Than smoothes the phrase with courtliest action spoken.
E’en silence oft has found the power to prove
Both words and prayers, when she is true love’s token.

*You let loose the tongue of your Votaries in beautiful and eloquent Discourses (translation by P. B. Du-Bois, 1726)

From: Bland, Robert, Translations Chiefly from the Greek Anthology, with Tales and Miscellaneous Poems, 1806, Richard Phillips: London, p. 231.

Date: 1806

By: Robert Bland (?1779-1825)