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Thursday, 12 April 2018

Retrospection by Charlotte Elliott

O! how oft, unseen, unknown,
Does “the soul of feeling”
Muse on friends far off, or gone,
Memory’s stores unsealing.

O’er the track of years gone by,
Pleased the spirit wanders;
Breathes o’er many a spot a sigh,
Many a record ponders.

Scenes which long have disappeared,
From their sleep awaken;
Sounds by loved lost friends endeared,
Joys by them partaken.

Funeral tokens rise around,
The full heart o’erpowering;
Urns with many a garland bound,
Cypress-trees embowering.

Bright and fragrant there appear
Flowers of recollection;
Bathed by many a holy tear,
Nursed by fond affection.

O! ye loved, lamented few!
Once to me united,
Heavenward by each thought of you
Be my soul incited!

From: Elliott, Charlotte, Hours of Sorrow Cheered and Comforted, 1857, Lindsay & Blakiston: Philadelphia, pp. 31-32.

Date: 1857

By: Charlotte Elliott (1789-1871)