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Introduction to “And first of his Section of Heaven” from “The Philosophers Seven Satyrs, Aluding to the Seven Planets” by Robert Anton

There was a time before all time begun,
When the proud Jennets of the radiant Sunne
Were scarce delivered from the wombe of night,
And backt by circular motion, when all light,
Soiourn’d with darknesse, and this glorious ball
Had neither forme nor soule Angelicall,
To move those orbes above as some propound
With ravishing musicke, or such heavenly sound,
As that great distance of those rowling spheares,
Barres from the organs of all humane eares,
When neither Sea, nor bind coopt in a ring,
Keept their conservatiue place, nor any thing
Had an essentiall forme, or element,
 or Center had true complement
Of Art or nature: but when heaven and earth
Had from confusions bowels knawne the birth
Of this faire Child nam’d Cosmos, the Mouers eie
Distinguisht this faire obiect of the skie
From his disordred masse with all this globe,
And suted it in farre more formall robe
Of quantitie and figure. Then began
All lights to light the Makers darling (MAN:)
For which indeer’d creation and respect
This Microcosme of man was made erect
With upright speculation, lineally
To view this rich imbrodred Cannopie
Of those Coelestiall bodies; and begin
To crie, Heaven is my Countrie, Earth my Inne
But leaving him to Heaven, of Earth we sing,
As being of the world, the perfects thing
In the Creations wonder, and the end
Of our aspiring hopes, which we ascend,
As to our locall blisse, and naturall place,
To end even there, where never ended grace.

From: Anton, Robert, The Philosophers Satyrs, 1616, T.C. and B.A. for Roger Jackson: London, pp. [unnumbered].

Date: 1616

By: Robert Anton (fl. 1616)