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Monday, 2 April 2018

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Erin Keane

What they didn’t tell us, after we unwrapped
the lucky bar, was our place in the plot: stupid,

fat, competitive, spoiled—at a madman’s whim.
We were to make the blond kid look good

by comparison—he only had to top our
dubious virtue. Shooting fish in a stockpot!

There’s a special place in Hell reserved for
people who tempt small children with rivers

of chocolate and drown them while they drink.
Olympic cruelty—I am waiting for the irony

to stop: let us, the greedy brats, gather our spoils
to our chests. Let there be no correction tonight.

Let the good kid kneel beside his crippled elders
and massage their gouty legs, forgetting to remind

us all of his sacrifice. Let him bless their bunions.
The lazy, the conniving, the slow—we’ve gathered

outside the factory gates. The sweet-tart rejects
have come home, Wonka. We would like our reward.

From: Keane, Erin, The Gravity Soundtrack, 2007, WordFarm: La Porte, Indiana, p. 56.

Date: 2007

By: Erin Keane (19??- )