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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Naming the Star-Nosed Mole by Jean LeBlanc

We would have named ourselves
“astonishment,” could we have seen
our own faces, the first time one
burst up out of the earth, amidst
its little pile of trailings. Perhaps,
had we evolved looking downward
rather than up, we would have named
the sparkles in the night sky “moles,”
how they emerge from darkness,
sometimes dash across the sky
only to go under, or so it seems, again.
Instead, we named this singularity
for those distant fires. How wise of us,
we who do not do well at fathoming
the life beneath our feet, for all
our various underworlds. How good
to see this squirming, splay-faced,
wrinkled, raw, near-blind lump
peer up at us, and we think “star.”

From: LeBlanc, Jean, Skating in Concord, 2015, Anaphora Literary Press: Tucson, Arizona, p. 14.

Date: 2015

By: Jean LeBlanc (19??- )