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Saturday, 10 March 2018

By My Life I Will Not Let You Go by Janābāi

I caught the thief of Pandhari1
by tying a rope around his neck.

I made my heart the prison cell
and locked him up inside.

I bound him firmly with the Word,
I fettered his holy feet,

I thrashed him, whipped him
with the word so’ham2
while Vitthal complained bitterly.

Sorry, O Lord,
says Jani,
by my life I will not let you go.

1. Thief of Pandhari – Vitthala/Vitthal/Vithoba, Hindu god, generally considered as a manifestation of Vishnu or Krishna.
2. So’ham – Hindu mantra which translates as “I am He/That”.


Date: c1320 (original in Marathi); 1996 (translation in English)

By: Janābāi (c1280-1350)

Translated by: Sarah Sellergren (19??- )