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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Judgement by T. Carmi (Carmi Charney)

I am sitting on the boat deck, and I see:
our handiwork drowning in the sea.
The works and the hands,
words from mouth to mouth,
your brow, eye to eye,
awake and asleep as the question fades.
And nothing differentiates
between the day-sky and the night-sky –
all are drowning in this sea
that swells before our eyes.
I speak poetry
because we have no other language.
Had one been found for us,
perhaps we would not have been doomed to water.


Date: 1981 (original in Hebrew); 2013 (translation in English)

By: T. Carmi (Carmi Charney) (1925-1994)

Translated by: Vivian Sohn Eden (194?- )