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Friday, 2 February 2018

A Song in Imitation of Horace by Thomas Amory

Almighty love’s resistless rage,
No force can quell, no art asswage:
While wit and beauty both conspire,
To kindle in my breast the fire:
The matchless shape, the charming grace,
The easy air, and blooming face,
Each charm that does in Flavia shine,
To keep my captive heart combine.

I feel, I feel the raging fire!
And my soul burns with fierce desire!
Thy freedom, Reason, I disown,
And beauty’s pleasing chains put on;
No art can set the captive free,
Who scorns his offer’d liberty;
Nor is confinement any pain,
To him who hugs his pleasing chain.

Bright Venus! Offspring of the sea!
Thy sovereign dictates I obey;
I own submiss thy mighty reign,
And feel thy power in every vein:
I feel thy influence all-confest,
I feel thee triumph in my breast!
‘Tis there is fix’d thy sacred court,
‘Tis there thy Cupids gaily sport.

Come, my Boy, the altar place,
Add the blooming garland’s grace;
Gently pour the sacred wine,
Hear me, Venus! Power divine!
Grant the only boon I crave,
Hear me, Venus! Hear thy slave!
Bless my fond soul with beauty’s charms,
And give me Flavia to my arms.

From: Amory, Thomas, The life of John Buncle: Esq; containing various observations and reflections, made in several parts of the world; and many extraordinary relations, 2011, University of Michigan Library: Ann Arbor, Michigan, pp. 71-73.

Date: 1756

By: Thomas Amory (?1691-?1788)