The Fyres, the Cordes, the Girnes, the Snaws and Dart by William Fowler

The fyres, the cordes, the girnes1, the snaws, and dart,
Wherewith blind Love has me enflam’d and wound,
The maist fair face and the maist cruell hart
I werying wryte, and sighing dois resound:
And therewith all the beauties that rebound
From her, wha is of dames maist chaste and fair;
Wha is the object, subject, and the ground
Of my loth’d love, and undeserv’d despaire.
The sweit sour jarres, the joys, the toils, and caire,
My perjur’d othes, and my denied vowes;
Her eyes, her hands, her hyde, her hewe, and haire,
Her lippes, her cheikes, her hals2, and her brent browes,
And things yet hidd, and to the world unseene,
To write with teares, and paint with plaintes I mean.

1. Girnes – snares or traps.
2. Hals – neck.


Date: 1597

By: William Fowler (1560-1612)

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