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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Verses 5-7 from “Britaine’s Glorie, or An Allegoricall Dreame” by Robert Carliell

The Angell then transfer’d me to a Land,
Where huge deformed ugly Giants breed,
Which spoil’d and burnt good corne which there did stand,
And set Tabacco that foule stinking weede,
One bad me taste, but the Angell bad me leave,
For that would me quite of my life bereave.

For this is not a man as you suppose,
But a black fiend which humane shape assumes,
That takes Tabacco thus through mouth and nose,
And brings from Hell these devillish perfumes,
I started back seeing it was a Devill,
And praied good Angell, save me from this evill.

Be not afraid quoth he, thou shalt that see
Before that we depart this wicked Land,
Which never eie beheld: And then to me
Appear’d damn’d creatures in the flames to stand,
These are Tabacconists said he, that for this turne,
Did whilst they liv’d, before-hand learne to burne.

From: Carliell, Robert, Britaines glorie, or An allegoricall dreame: with the exposition thereof. Containing [brace]the heathens infidelitie, the Turkes blasphemie, the popes hypocrisie, Amsterdams varietie, the Church of Englands veritie [brace] in religion. And in our Church of England, [brace] the kings excellency. His issues integritie. The nobles and gentries constancie. The councels and iudges fidelitie. The preachers puritie. The bishops sinceritie. / Conceiued and written by Robert Carlyle gent. for the loue and honour of his king and country, 2014, Text Creation Partnership: Ann Arbor, Michigan and Oxford, pp. [unnumbered].

Date: 1618

By: Robert Carliell (15??-1622)