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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Excerpt from “The Kite: Canto III” by Phanuel Bacon

The Glove was wav’d–The steady Engine flew,
Sprung into Air, and lessen’d to the View;
Proudly It Sail’d, on crowding Zephyrs born,
And ev’ry Love was Pilot in his Turn:
DIAN transported too, beheld It fly,
And to the Taper grew Her aking Eye.

But CUPID tim’rous saw It’s Height in Air,
And thought His Bird too Distant from His Care;
‘Twas He The MESSENGER decreed to send,
And wou’d (by Proxy) on His Bird attend:
What better than a Billetdeux may prove,
The Tender Representative of LOVE?
Fo lo! The Maid a gilded Sheet imparts,
That breath’d unfeigned Flames, and real Darts.
Led by the Clue, Its rapid Flight It steers,
And to the Bird, his Airy Summons bears.

Ah! What avail It’s easy-waving Wings?
And Length of Tail, that boasts Successive Acts of Kings!
How frail our Span of Time! How fix’d its Date,
And greatest Works must one Day yield to Fate!
Sleep-breaking Care, Gay Pleasure, and Pale Woe,
Meet in one Stream! and in one Channel flow!
Virtue but like a shining Vapour flies!
And when it brightest Blazes, soonest Dies!

From: Bacon, Phanuel, The Kite. An heroi-comical poem. In three canto’s, 1722, L. Lichfield: Oxford, pp. 28-29.

Date: 1722

By: Phanuel Bacon (1700-1783)