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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

An Observation by Mary Latter

When Coxcombs out of vain Pretence,
Pretend to talk like Men of Sense,
‘Tis sometimes prudent, not to show
How much you’re Learn’d, and what you Know,
Deep Thoughts and Wise, if you have any,
Be sure you don’t expose too many:
“But, take it for a constant Rule,”
The better you can act the FOOL,
The sooner you may bring them over,
Their Want of Wisdom to discover.

From: Latter, Mary, The miscellaneous works, in prose and verse, of Mrs. Mary Latter, of Reading, Berks. In three parts, 1759, C. Pocock: Reading, p. 122.

Date: 1759

By: Mary Latter (1725-1777)