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Monday, 1 January 2018

New Year Resolution by Graham Rowlands

This year I sincerely & solemnly resolve not
to underestimate the intelligence of brontosaurs.
I’m not deterred by late last year’s theory of
the big, alive & eggless births of baby brontos.
I know Christmas Day dawned on Emeritus Professor X
measuring the pelvic outlet size of a female bronto
to make sure it’s big enough to hold his theory.
I concede the appeal of Mummy brontos protectecting
their babies from bronto-bashing Daddy brontos &
other saurs you won’t find in Roget’s Thesaurus.
Just after Christmas it’s truly reassuring to know
brontosaurs weren’t slow-witted, egg-laying & leaving
reptiles with the morbid morbidity rates unearthed in
the fossil graveyards or hatching mortuaries of
other saurs you will find in Roget’s Thesaurus. But.

The last two brontos had a bit of fun getting
all their eggs together in the one basket &
then, with a swish of their marvellous tails,
they shredded all the evidence. The eggs. See?
Don’t underestimate the intelligence of brontosaurs.
They decided to call it a day. Call it an Age.
There was also a fear of meteorites or
worse still, sure as eggs, the human race.


Date: 1988

By: Graham Rowlands (1947- )