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Monday, 11 December 2017

Sonnet XXI: His Charitable Hope: and their Eternall Repose by Gabriel Harvey

Let memory of grose abuses sleepe:
Who over-shooteth not in recklesse youth?
Were sinnes as redd, as reddest scarlet deepe,
A penitentiall Hart preventeth ruth.
Well-wishing Charity presumes the best:
Nothing impossible to powreful Trueth:
Body to Grave, and Soule to Heaven addrest,
Leave upon Earth, the follies of their youth.
Some Penury bewaile: some feare Arrest:
Some Parmaes force: some Spanyardes gold addread:
Some underly the terrible inquest:
Some carry a Jelous: some a climing Head.
We that are dead, releasd from living woes,
Soundly enjoy a long, and long Repose.

From: Harvey, Gabriel and Grosart, Alexander B. (ed.), The Works of Gabriel Harvey, D.C.L., in Three Volumes, For the First Time Collected and Edited, Volume I, 1884, The Huth Library: London, pp. 249-250.

Date: 1592

By: Gabriel Harvey (c1552-1631)