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Friday, 15 September 2017

Gloria Lata Via by Henry Peacham

Though life be short, and man doth as the Sunne,
His journey finish, in a little space,
The way is wide, an honest course to runne,
And great the glories of a virtuous race,
That at the last, doe our just labors crowne,
With threefold wreath, Love, Honor, and Renowne.

Nor can Nights shadow , or the Stygian deepe,
Conceale faire Virtue, from the Worldes wide eie,
The more opprest, the more she strives to peepe,
And raise her Rose-bound golden head on high:
When Epicures, the wretch, and worldly slave,
Shall rot in shame, alive, and in the grave.

From: Peacham, Henry, Minerva Britanna, or A Garden of Heroical Devices, furnished, and adorned with Emblemes and Impresa’s of sundry natures, 1612, Shoe-Lane at the Sign of the Falcon: London, p. 122.

Date: 1612

By: Henry Peacham (1578-?1644)