Feathering Wheels by Jean Hollander

Steam driven, the old river boat
pounds up the night-lit stream,
each turn of its feathering wheel
a cataract of splintered moons.

There is a kind of cormorant
called cataract, plummets
falls straight on his prey
in a glory of blood.

A flash at the edge of the cornea—
firewheel of northern lights,
is the opening to a cataract—
a rush of vitreous humor

down the rockfall eye,
like waters falling down steep
cataracts dash into fringed
streamers of feather-wheeled light.

From: http://www.ashevillepoetryreview.com/2002/issue-12/feathering-wheels

Date: 2002

By: Jean Hollander (1928- )

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