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Friday, 1 September 2017

The Smiles of Heaven: A Ballad by Basil Edward Kendall

The smiles of Heaven surely rest
Upon a vernal world,
When over Nature’s generous breast
The sunshine is unfurled.
Though envious clouds may sometimes cross
Those trackless fields of blue,
The day-gleams, with resistless force,
Will yet come blazing through.
And when we gaze on Beauty pure,–
Spread round, beneath, and o’er,–
We cannot in our hearts be sure
That Eden is no more!

The midnight breeze, it never fails,
In balmy summer hours,
To seek the heathery mountain-vales,
And roam among the flowers.
Past many a weird-like crag it floats,
The branches wailing on,
As if it mourned in fitful notes,
The absence of the sun.
It sleepeth when the morning-light,
Descending, robes the plain;
But, once the day is lost in night,
Those echoes wake again!

The tropic billows line the Deep,
And gently strive to reach
The wild, primeval island-steep,
Beyond the barren beach.
But, every time they greet the base,
Those golden waves are hurled,
From off the cliff’s unfriendly face,
Into their ocean-world!
Yet, while the sun is left to burn,
On Heaven’s arches o’er,
They still will constantly return,
To woo that senseless shore.

So I rejoice to see the rays
Of Fortune round you thrown;
Tho’ in your bright Elysian days
I’m scorned, and left alone!
And if those smiles should chance to cease,
My faithful heart will wail,
As mourns the viewless midnight breeze,
Across the mountain-vale.
Altho’ when seeking love from you,
Your bitter words I meet,
I still must, like the bilows, throw
My treasures at your feet.


Date: 1861

By: Basil Edward Kendall (1839-1874)