Charity. A Poem by Mary Heron

When frigid winter binds the barren soil,
And famine hangs impending o’er the isle,
Do thou celestial charity descend,
Neglected poverty’s unshaken friend,
Bid every breast with generous pity glow,
Fill every heart with sympathetic woe,
Nor let them only see and feel alone,
But kindly make each piercing want their own.
Oh you, whom fortune’s bounteous favours bless,
Think on your fellow creatures in distress;
How many droop beneath a load of pain,
With “poverty’s cold wind and crushing rain!”
Unhappy sufferers every where behold
Pining with hunger, shivering with cold;
There see each complicated woe contend,
Without a comfort, and without a friend:
Then fly, Oh fly, and give them quick relief,
Baffle each want, and mitigate each grief;
Thro’ all the bleak inclement haunts of woe,
Bid pure benevolence unbounded flow;
So shall their mingled prayers ascending rise,
And for your blessings reach the utmost skies;
Th’ ascenting skies their grateful prayers shall crown,
And pour diffusive every blessing down.

Jan. 12th, 1783.

From: Heron, Mary, Miscellaneous Poems, 1786, T. Saint: Newcastle, pp. 31-32.

Date: 1783

Date: Mary Heron (fl. 1786-1792)


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