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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

A Melancholly Fit by Nicholas Hookes

Sad newes was sent me that a friend was dead,
It dash’t my braines, and my dull heavy head,
Drowsie with thoughts of death, could hardly be
Supported in its doleful agonie;
Nature was lost, grief stop’t, my circling blood,
All things alike were ill, and nothing good;
Awak’t I dream ‘t, then round about I saw
Death sable Curtains of confusion draw;
All things were black where e’re I cast my eye,
The wainscot walls mourn ‘d in dark Ebonie,
My giddy fancie into th’ earth did sink,
I wept, and saw the clouds weep teares of ink;
Ruine and death me thoughts were penitent,
And did in sheets and vailes their sinnes lament:
Then ghosts and shades in mourning did I see,
All threw deaths-heads, and dead mens bones at me;
But when the pale Idea of my friend
Past by, I wish’t my life were at an end;
And courting-night to shut my sullen eyes,
In came Amanda, and did me surprise;
Taught me to live in death, kist me, and then
Out of a Chaos made me man agen.

From: Hookes, Nicholas, Amanda, A Sacrifice to an Unknown Godesse, or, A Free-Will Offering of a Loving Heart to a Sweet-Heart, 1923, Elkin Mathews Ltd: London, pp. 22-23.

Date: 1653

By: Nicholas Hookes (1628-1712)