The Robin Hood Estate by Steven J. Fowler

12 foxes thumping; rechristened people.
The Elizabethan Underworld as a precursor to the furnished.
In the year of the calm fox, girls.
The heavyweight watch just to see the mechanics
of victory, that is, as above, a precursor to a tradition, changed into a cartoon.
The furry, soon to be protected from insults, or humor at their expense, in law.
The drawn fox, the heavy hippo.
Ambush, false witness, poor translation.
In the pressure going down, blood, bicep cuff.
Correction, the neighbor is ill, a shame about the lion
but there remain frequent accounts of premature burials
and lack of perspective so unforgivable
to transform.


Date: 2016

By: Steven J. Fowler (1983- )


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