On the Fashionable Style of Poetry [Excerpt from “Boston. A Poem”] by Winthrop Sargent

Sonnets and riddles celebrate the trees,
And ballad-mongers charter every breeze.
Long odes to monkies, squirrel elegies,
Lines and acrostics on dead butterflies;
Endless effusions, some with Greek bedight,
And hymns harmonious, sweet, as infinite,
So freely flow, that poesy ere long
Must yield to numbers, and expire by song.
Elegiac lays such taste and truth combine,
The lap-dog lives and barks in every line;
Each rebus-maker takes the poet’s name,
And every rhymer is the heir of fame.

From: The Literary Magazine and American Register, Volume 1, 1803, John Conrad & Co: Philadelphia,: p. 191.

Date: 1803

By: Winthrop Sargent (1753-1820)


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