A Sonnet by Amelie Louise Rives Chandler Troubetzkoy

Take all of me,–I am thine own, heart, soul,
Brain, body,–all; all that I am or dream
Is thine forever; yea, though space should teem
With thy conditions, I ‘d fulfil the whole–
Were to fulfil them to be loved of thee.
Oh, love me!–were to love me but a way
To kill me–love me; so to die would be
To live forever. Let me hear thee say
Once only, “Dear, I love thee,”–then all life
Would be one sweet remembrance, thou its king:
Nay, thou art that already, and the strife
Of twenty worlds could not uncrown thee. Bring
O Time! my monarch to possess his throne
Which is my heart and for himself alone.

From: http://www.lehigh.edu/~dek7/SSAWW/writ19CenTroub.htm

Date: 1886

By: Amelie Louise Rives Chandler Troubetzkoy (1863-1945)

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