Lines to a Friend, who had Recommended the Precepts of the Stoic School to the Author’s Adoption by Maria Banks Woodley Riddell

Hence with the Stoic lore! whose frigid art
Would chill the gen’rous feelings of the soul,
Forbid kind Sympathy’s responsive smart,
Or check the tear of rapture ere it roll.

Still with its joys and woes, a changeful train!
Fair Sensibility be ever mine,
Th’ alternate throb of pleasure or of pain,
And all that love and friendship can combine.

From: Riddell, Maria (ed.), The Metrical Miscellany: Consisting Chiefly of Poems Hitherto Unpublished, 1803, T. Cadell and W. Davies: London, p. 49.

Date: 1802

By: Maria Banks Woodley Riddell (1772-1808)


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