Written on a Lady’s Fan by Henry James Pye

In ancient times when like La Mancha’s Knight
The adventurous Hero sallied forth to fight,
Some sage Magician famous in Romance
Supplied the Warrior with a wonderous lance,
With which through adverse troops he forced his way,
And won from giant hosts the doubtful day.
But I more fatal arms to you impart,
By Venus forged to wound the human heart:
This Weapon placed in your victorious hand
No cunning shall elude, no force withstand,
Nor shall the brave resist, or coward fly,
But all Mankind submit, adore, or die.

From: Pye, Henry James, Poems on Various Subjects in Two Volumes, Volume 1, 1787, John Stockdale: London, p. 32.

Date: 1787

By: Henry James Pye (1744-1813)


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