To the Author Upon His Musical Muse by Christopher Brooke

Our Times, so curious and our wits as nice,
And all as changing as the fashion is;
Nor art for any certaine truth hath price;
All by opinion goe: and therefore this
Which the angell (propper to thy Musick’s skill)
Hath here expos’d to Fashion, Time, and Wit,
Looke not t’ have simply crown’d for good or ill,
But as thy humourous Censor shall thinke fit.
Fortune in these things rules; (that all known blinde)
As blinde are thy that censure out of humor;
But if some few judiciall in this kinde,
Shall grace thy Muse, force not the idle Rumor:
For thy knowne worth, in their just approbation,
Shall wage with Wit, with Humor, Time, and Fashion.

From: Brooke, Christopher and Grosart, Alexander B. (ed.), The complete poems of Christopher Brooke for the first time collected and ed., with memorial-introduction and notes, 1872, Miscellanies of the Fuller Worthies’ Library: Blackburn, Lancashire, p. 230.

Date: 1614

By: Christopher Brooke (15??-1628)


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