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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Though the Tortoise Lives Long by Cao Cao (Mengde)

Though the tortoise blessed with magic powers lives long,
Its days have their allotted span;
Though winged serpents ride high on the mist,
They turn to dust and ashes at the last;
An old war-horse may be stabled,
Yet still it longs to gallop a thousand li;
And a noble-hearted man though advanced in years
Never abandons his proud aspirations.
Man’s span of life, whether long or short,
Depends not on Heaven alone;
One who eats well and keeps cheerful
Can live to a great old age.
And so, with joy in my heart,
I hum this song.


Date: 207 (original); 1975 (translation)

By: Cao Cao (Mengde) (155-220)

Translated by: Unknown