Stanzas 10-13 of “Hiren; or The Fair Greeke” by William Barksted

Hither was got of silly maides some few,
Whom happily no Souldier yet had seas’d,
Tendring their spotlesse vows, in child-cold dew,
Of virgin teares, to have the heavens appeas’d
But teares too late, must be too soone displeas’d,
And hither, like a Tyger from the chase,
Reeking in bloudy thoughts, and bloudy shew
Came Amurath himselfe to sacke the place.

In Armour-clad, of watchet steele, full grim,
Fring’d round about the sides, with twisted gold,
Spotted with shining stars unto the brim,
Which seem’d to burn the spheare which did thě hold:
His bright sword drawn, of temper good and old,
A full moone in a sable night he bore,
On painted shield, which much adornèd him,
With this short Motto: Never glorious more.

And as a Diamond in the dark-dead night,
Cannot but point at beames on every side,
Or as the shine of Cassiopæa bright
Which make the zodiacke, where it doth abide,
Farre more then other planets to be ey’d:
So did faire Hirens eyes encounter his,
And so her beames did terror-strike his sight,
As at the first it made e’m vale amisse.

O that faire beauty in distresse should fall,
For so did she, the wonder of the east,
At least, if it be wondrous faire at all,
That staines the morning, in her purple nest
With guilt-downe curlèd Tresses, rosy drest,
Reflecting in a comet wise, admire,
To every eye whom vertue might appall,
And Syren love inchant with amorous fire.

From: Barksted, William and Grosart, Alexander (ed.), The Poems of William Barksted, One of the Servants of His Majesty’s Revels, 1876, Charles E. Sims: Manchester, pp. 74-75.

Date: 1611

By: William Barksted (fl. 1607-1611)


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