Davy Dycars Dreame by Thomas Churchyard

When faith in frendes beare fruit, and folysh fancyes fade,
& crafty catchers cum to nought, & hate gret love hath made
When fraud flieth far from towne, & lewterers leave the fielde,
And rude shall runne a rightfull race, and all men be well wilde:
When gropers after gayne, shall carpe for comen welth,
And wyly workers shall disdayne, to fygge and lyve by stelth:
When wisdome walks a loft, and folly syts full low,
And vertue vanquish pampred vice, and grace begins to grow.
When Justice joynes to truth, and law lookes not to meede,
& bribes help not to build fair bowres, nor gifts gret glotōs fede
When hongre hides his head, and plenty please the poore,
And niggerdes to the nedy men, shall never shut their doore:
When double darke deceit, is out of credit worne,
And fauning speche is falshed found, & craft is laught to skorne
When pride which picks the purs, gapes not for garments gay
No javels* weare no velvet weeds, nor wandrīg wits bere sway
When riches wrongs no right, nor power poore put backe,
Nor covetous creepes not into Courte, nor lerned, livings lack
When slipper sleights are seene, and far fatchers be founde,
And private profit & selfe love, shall both be put in pounde:
When dette no sergeant dreeds, and cowriters credit keepe,
& might mels not with merchandise, nor lords shal sell no sheepe:
When lucre lasts not long, and hurd great heaps doth hate,
And every wight is well content, to walke in his estate,
When truth doth tread the stretes, and lyers lurke in den,
And Rex doth raigne & rule the rost, & weeds out wicked men:
Then baelfull barnes be blythe that here in England wonne,
Your strife shal stynt I undertake, your dreedfull daies ar done.

*javels – vagabonds, worthless fellows.

From: Churchyard, Thomas, Davy Dycars dreame quod. T. Churcharde, 2003, Text Creation Partnership: Ann Arbor, Michigan and Oxford.

Date: 1552

By: Thomas Churchyard (c1520-1604)


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