The Song of Adebon by Aneirin

The apple-tree is not far from the apple.
The industrious is not akin to the spendthrift.
No one is a hero when naked among thistles.
Every one who swears strongly fails (to perform).
Do not be the friend of one who loves injustice.
We cannot die twice.
To be dumb is not an appropriate quality for an orator.
Do not love to be foremost in conversation.
Jewels are the dainties of the feeble-minded.
Savage from hoof to horn.
Peace is lost in a mansion.
Where there is a large house there will be continual entertainments.
There is always a way for him who seeks it.
Kind gentles, victorious over the foe,
Smile on the Gorchan (song) of Adebon.
And so ends the Gorchan Adebon.

From: Nash, D. W., Taliesin; or, The Bards and Druids of Britain. A Translation of the Remains of the Earliest Welsh Bards, and an Examination of the Bardic Mysteries, 1858, John Russell Smith: London, p. [unnumbered].

Date: 6th century (original in Welsh); 1858 (translation in English)

By: Aneirin (6th century)

Translated by: David William Nash (1809/10-1876)


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