To Miss Sophia Chew, with a Rose-Bud, January 7, 1787 by John Swanwick

This rose bud, my friend, I have found on the floor,
When the music, the dance, and the singing was o’er;
So sweet its appearance, so blooming its hue,
I could not suppose but its owner was you:
I therefore have sent it, once more to resume
Its place on thy bosom, where safe let it bloom,
Till spring, crown’d with garlands, shall bring other posies,
Then these must give way to more natural roses;
Which, form’d with more taste and more beauty to shine,
Have charms better fashion’d to mingle with thine.

From: Swanwick, John, Poems on several occasions. By John Swanwick, Esq. One of the Representatives in the Congress of the United States, from the state of Pennsylvania, 1797, F. and R. Bailey: Philadelphia, p. 37.

Date: 1787

By: John Swanwick (1740-1798)


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