To the Right Honorable and Moste Noble Lorde, the Lord Robert Dudley, Erle of Leicester by Thomas Drant

To heare a pleasant penned verse,
Augustus tooke delyte:
And well allowde, the wittes that could,
his prayses well indite.
From massie care of common wealthe,
ofte woulde he, for a space,
Translate him selfe, to intervewe
and judge a Poets grace.
Augustus nowe is dead and gone,
his fame hath founde her wynges,
Of hym, the broode of Pegasse house,
and noble Muses synges.
If Englande had suche curious wittes,
that coulde in stately verse,
The factes, the feates of worthy wightes,
and royall gestes reherse:
Your lordshyps honour, should be made,
the myrrour of our tyme,
Because you love to laye your looks
upon a Poets ryme.
Some mountynge wittes, that love to mount,
and soore aloofe in skie,
Bothe will and can arreare your fame,
and lodge it in the skie.
If we be not to rude unkynde,
You and your golden yeares,
Wherin you lyve, shall geve assaulte
unto the furthest eares.
Not onely we shall live in you,
the daies that you dwell here,
Shall shine and shewe to other worldes,
in you sette foorthe so clere.
A iewell, welcome to the worlde,
by whom the worlde shall wynne,
And welcome to that happy age,
wherein you dyd begynne:
Moste hartie welcome unto us,
on your advice dothe staye.
The pondrous peyse of publique weale,
and urgent weyghtie swaye.

From: Horace and Drant, Thomas, A medicinable morall, that is, the two bookes of Horace his satyres, Englyshed accordyng to the prescription of saint Hierome. The wailyngs of the prophet Hieremiah, done into Englyshe verse. Also epigrammes. T. Drant. Perused and allowed accordyng to the Quenes Maiesties injunctions, 2004: Ann Arbor, Michigan and Oxford, p. [unnumbered].

Date: 1566

By: Thomas Drant (c1540-1578)


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